3 Procedures That Straighten Teeth

3 Procedures That Straighten Teeth

May 15, 2018

There are procedures that are used for teeth enhancement in Ajax. Many people including adults are having their teeth straightened for many reasons today

Benefits of having straight teeth

Having straight teeth gives you better self-esteem and can give you benefits of advancement in your career and pay. There are benefits of having straight teeth some of which are;

1 . Easier to chew making digestion healthier
2. Healthier Gums
3. Prevents uneven wear on teeth
4. Better overall health
5. Better self-esteem
6. Beautiful smile

Procedures to straighten teeth

There are three proven methods of straightening teeth. Rossland Landing Dental can help you get the straight teeth you need for overall better health, better self-esteem, and that benefits your career with one of the three proven methods.

Braces are connected to the teeth with dental cement and use wires and rubber bands to exert pressure on the teeth to straighten them. These are generally used on teens and young adults but can also be used on older adults as well. Braces require that you follow up with retainers to help keep teeth from shifting back or drifting out of position..

Aligners or plastic tray systems such as Invisalign are used when the teeth are not severely crooked or have a bite issue to straighten them. The trays are custom made to your mouth and changed every two weeks, worn 20 to 22 hours a day they exert steady pressure on your teeth without bands and wires. Aligners should also be followed up with retainers to keep teeth from shifting back.

Cosmetic contouring is used when the teeth are not crooked enough to warrant aligners or braces and can be often done in one visit where the tooth is reshaped or lengthened to make it straighter.


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