4 Great Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

4 Great Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

Apr 26, 2019

With just brushing and flossing, tooth decay cannot be prevented. As a parent, you need to be more careful and control your child’s likelihood of developing cavities in a baby or permanent teeth. There are many children who are having untreated tooth decay and find burdensome.

There are 4 great tips that help you in preventing tooth decay and create a smile for a lifetime.

Know your child’s cavity risk level

The risk of an increase in tooth decay is a lifestyle, health, and socioeconomic factors. Evaluate these risks to reduce the risk. A child with the following illnesses may be at higher risk-

  • Diabetes & Cancer
  • HIV & Depression

Dentist in L 1Z 0T4 suggests improving these conditions to prevent tooth decay. Reduce the intake of soft drinks and juices.

Teach proper brushing and flossing techniques

Dentist in Ajax recommends brushing for at least two minutes after every meal. It is important in the morning and before bed to reduce harmful bacteria that remain on your teeth. Always brush gently to avoid inflaming and damaging of the gums.

Guide your children while flossing as they may pull a piece of floss back and forth like a saw, which cuts into the gums. Floss at least once a day.

Drink more fluoridated water

Water not only hydrates the body but also reduces the number of sugary or acidic drinks your child consumes. Dentist in Ajax, ON recommends intake of “plain” water helps in avoiding water flavoring which adds harmful chemicals to the water.

Drink water from the tap directly as your child may need fluoride supplements or regular fluoride treatments to significantly reduce tooth decay.

Schedule regular dental check-ups

From the moment the first tooth breaks through, schedule regular visits to the dentist for your child. Find an Ajax dentist near you to understand the health challenges or issues. Tooth decay spreads quickly in baby teeth to permanent ones if untreated.

Keep the track on your child for a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

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