Current Overbite Treatments in Ajax

Current Overbite Treatments in Ajax

May 01, 2018

If your front upper teeth significantly overlap the teeth below them, or extend horizontally, you have a condition called an overbite. Overbite surgery Ajax is the best and most effective solution to overbite problems.

Overbites can cause a number of problems, depending on the severity. These include the following : difficulty swallowing, speech problems, teeth grinding and wear, chronic mouth breathing, headaches, jaw pain like TMJ

Usually, overbites can be treated by your orthodontist. However, severe cases require surgery. An Ajax dentist can perform overbite surgery, so help is certainly an option. It is highly recommended that you contact an Ajax dentist if your overbite is causing any of the issues above.

Overbite Surgery and Treatment

Overbite surgery and treatment can last two or more years. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for a long-term process. However, parents can rest assured that the process is much simpler for children. Children are still developing and growing, and have baby teeth that can easily be removed to make way for adult teeth.

Orthodontists treat overbites for both children and adults with braces, retainers or a growth modification device (this is only used for children and positions the jaw in the right place) to get all of the teeth in proper alignment.

If overbite surgery needed, it can only performed on adults and must be done in a hospital with general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision and then cuts bone to move the upper jaw into the correct position.

Next, screws are used to keep everything in place. The patient will have to stay in the hospital for one or two days and will experience pain for up to six weeks. This is definitely an intrusive procedure and there are some risks associated with it including infection, bleeding, and nerve damage.

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