Dental Tips for School-age Children

Dental Tips for School-age Children

Dec 16, 2018

Any time of year can be busy when you have children. Sports, extracurriculars, and fundraisers, in addition to schoolwork, can easily pull your attention away from your child’s dental routine. At Rossland Landing Dental Care in Ajax, ON, our goal is to promote the oral health of your children and entire family. Here are five tips to help keep your children showing off their pearly whites throughout the school year.

Brush before bed

It’s recommended that everyone – adults and children – brush twice a day. The nightly brushing, however, is essential to oral health. It removes food particles and other debris that has built up throughout the day to prevent bacteria from attacking the teeth during the night.

Rinse during the day

We do a lot of munching between the time we brush in the morning and the time we brush at night. All that eating can cause the pH of our saliva to plummet, meaning that the mouth becomes quite acidic. This can raise the risk of cavities. It can be difficult for anyone, and especially for children, to brush during the day. Rinsing with plain water can be easier and helpful in neutralizing the acids in the mouth to reduce the risk for tooth decay.

Keep a water bottle on hand

Similar to how rinsing can help wash out the mouth and protect the teeth, drinking water helps remove sugars and debris from the teeth. Besides that, staying hydrated throughout the day is important to overall health. Provide your child with a bottle of water to keep throughout the day; even better, try to make it a reusable one.

Healthy after-school snack

Kids are usually hungry when they come home from school, and understandably so. It’s easy to have a stash of chips ready, but stocking up on healthy choices can benefit their oral health. Snacks like crunchy veggies and fresh fruits promote a health smile and healthy body.

Schedule dental checkups

It’s recommended that you and your family visit your dentist in Ajax, ON twice a year to maintain oral health. Rossland Landing Dental Care treats adults and children, so you can easily schedule your appointments along with those of your children.

For more dental tips and pediatric dental care in Ajax, ON (L1Z 0T4), contact Rossland Landing Dental Care.

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