Did We Recommend a Dental Crown? It Might Be for One of These 3 Reasons.

Did We Recommend a Dental Crown? It Might Be for One of These 3 Reasons.

Jun 16, 2019

When a dentist recommends your dental crown for your tooth decay, you often wonder why you can’t go with dental filling instead, when this is also a solution for the same issue. A dental crown is only suggested by a dentist in cases when he knows that decay or damage of your teeth is quite large which a mere filling can’t treat. An expert Dentist at L1Z 0T4 may suggest crown instead of filling to restore your teeth and its entire teeth structure.

Your Tooth is Broken or Fractured

Broken tooth can be an issue for many. Fracture or cracks in the tooth can be painful for patients and it also restricts them to eat and chew their favorite food. This is a situation which requires extreme attention and in such cases, you must not delay your visit to Ajax Dentist near you. If not treated at the right time, its open space for bacteria to enter into your tooth which can further cause infection to nerves and internal tooth structure. Crown can be best option to restore the function of tooth.

You Have Lost an Old Restoration

Not all dental treatments are permanent and fillings and crown can break if proper care is not taken. In case when crown is broken, the patient must immediately consult an expert Dentist at Ajax ON. When it break or fall, it must be restored to prevent further damage, pain or any infection. Crown can further be suggested to restore the function in case of any damage to previous restoration techniques.

Your Tooth has Extensive Decay

It is important to understand that if a dentist is able to detect decay at early stages, filling can actually help but if decay is extensive it can’t be treated with filling. In such cases, Dental Crowns in Ajax ON is must obtain as a permanent and best solution. Crown is the best option used to eliminate decay. It can also help restore the functions of the tooth.

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