Everything You Need to Know about Underbite Surgery in Ajax

Everything You Need to Know about Underbite Surgery in Ajax

Apr 20, 2018

Do you suffer with an underbite that makes it hard for you to eat, sleep, or swallow? If so, you may need underbite surgery. Ajax dentists can help you if you suffer with chronic pain (like TMJ), ear aches, or headaches. Over time, an underbite can wear down teeth, give you bad breath, and even make it difficult to sleep.

If you suffer with any of these conditions, then we strongly recommend that you seek professional help from an experienced and professional Ajax dentist. Keep reading to learn more about underbite surgery Ajax.

What is an Underbite?

An underbite is a condition where the lower jaw, known medically as the mandible, protrudes past the upper jaw. Since this is not a normal position for the lower jaw, the problems mentioned above usually arise. Sometimes dentists and orthodontists can remedy these issues using today’s advanced techniques but serious cases need surgery.

The first step is to make an appointment with your Ajax dentist, who will consult with an orthodontist and oral surgeon to determine whether surgery is the right option for you. If underbite surgery is the best option, then the team of Ajax dentists will begin planning and detailing the next steps.

What is the Underbite Surgery Process?

This process generally includes taking x-rays, diagnostic images (MRI, CT scans, etc.) and making 3D models of your jaw structure. In some cases, patients need to wear braces or use a retainer in order to position the teeth correctly before surgery.

Get Help from an Ajax Dentist

All in all, if you are suffering with chronic pain, and have an underbite, you may benefit from underbite surgery in Ajax. Contact your Ajax dentist to learn more.


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