Fixing cavities and getting your smile back in Ajax

Fixing cavities and getting your smile back in Ajax

Mar 01, 2021

Cavities also called dental carriers are a common issue in dental care. Cavities are common because of what causes them and the use of the teeth. They are holes or a hole that forms in the tooth that gradually become big. The cavities are technically a damage of the enamel part of the teeth, which is a protective part that is structured to handle the physical trauma of biting. The enamel protects important and sensitive parts of the teeth. Cavities don’t cause any pain on the onset. It is for this reason that finding out that one has cavities often occurs at a later stage and after the cavities have resulted to extensive damage to the teeth.

Symptoms that you have tooth cavity

Oral cavity is often sensed from different symptoms. The early symptoms of tooth cavity are tooth sensitivity. Normally, the enamel coating that protects the nerves and other parts of the teeth covers the teeth. The normal teeth are therefore not sensitive. However, when you develop tooth sensitivity then the outer insulating surface has been damaged and the created cavity exposes the sensitive parts of the teeth.

The exposure of the inner parts of the teeth as a result of the cavity results to tooth pain. The teeth have nerve endings that are covered by the protective layer of the teeth. However, cavity exposes the nerves of the teeth resulting to pain, which is a symptom of cavities. Cavity pain is one of the common symptoms that push people for treatment. In most cases, cavity pain is so unbearable that it pushes the patient to have a check on the pain. Most of the tooth aches are cases of pain as the symptom for cavities on the teeth.

The other symptom is a visible hole in the teeth. The cavity often causes a visible hole in the teeth that can be seen with careful observation. A big hole indicates an extensive level of cavities. The visible hole is usually accompanied by black or staining of the teeth. The staining of the teeth is usually an aspect of tooth decay associated with the cavity. The level of tooth decay indicates the extent of the damage caused by the cavity such that an extensive level of stain on the teeth results from the damages of the cavity.

Causes of the cavities

It is important to take care of your teeth to prevent the cavities. Bacteria, saliva, acidity, and food particles usually cause the cavities. Normal and healthy people have bacteria in their mouth. After eating and drinking food especially foods that have sugar, the bacteria in the mouth acts on the remaining sugar on the teeth to cause an acid. This acid corrodes the hard surface of the teeth to cause the cavities. These aspects can be prevented by cleaning of teeth to ensure that there are no deposits left on the teeth. Regular cleaning of the teeth especially after food and before bed will do the magic.

Treatment options

You will discuss various options with your dentist on curing the cavities. Tooth fillings are one of the options. Tooth filling involves drilling ad removing the decayed part of the teeth after which fillings are applied on the area. Teeth that have suffered server decay have to treat with crowns whereby a custom-fit cap is placed over the tooth to replace the damage tooth crown. If the cavities have resulted to the death of the nerve then a root canal will be necessary. The process involves the removal of the nerve tissues and the blood vessels that have decayed in the root areas before applying treatment and filling the tooth.

You can get the right dentist in Ajax for your cavity treatment. Quality cavity treatment in Ajax, ON is accessible from dentists in Ajax who are well equipped and trained for the procedure. Being that some of the treatment such as filling and crowning rely on the expertise of the dentist, to get the best results, it is important to ensure that you are working with reliable dentist for the cavity treatment in Ajax, ON. Having some level of understanding on the procedure and what to be expected is also important in making the right decisions.

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