Gums Ruining Your Smile? Try Gum Reshaping!

Gums Ruining Your Smile? Try Gum Reshaping!

Oct 30, 2018

Do you find yourself hiding your smile when you laugh or talk? Many are self conscious over their ‘gummy’ smile and are eager to find a practical solution. Our experienced team at Rossland Landing Dental Care in Ajax, Ontario can provide options for restoring patients smiles while improving the overall appearance and function of a smile through cosmetic and restorative treatments. Gum reshaping can be the best option for patients looking to revamp their smile. Continue reading on to learn more about gum reshaping for your smile.

What Is Gum Reshaping?

Gum reshaping is commonly referred to as gum contouring and is a method used to boost individual’s self confidence levels. Gums that cover a large area of the tooth can make the tooth appear small. This can be caused from a variety of reasons including genetics, medications, or a health problem. Rossland Landing Dental Care in Ajax, Ontario can provide much needed help!

Gum Reshaping To Fix Your Smile

New innovations in technology allow for safe and effective gum contouring. The procedure is practically free of any pain or discomfort. Laser technology means an easy treatment right here in our clinic. It also means less time during the procedure and a quicker recovery period. Surgery is not even required.

Gum Reshaping: What To Expect

Prior to the procedure, your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic in order to numb the area. This will eliminate the possibility of any pain or discomfort. You might feel during the procedure. After the gum contouring your dentist will go over specific care for after the procedure. Over the counter medications are recommended as well as eating soft food that are at a neutral temperature. Following the specific instructions left by your dentist will ensure for a fast healing period.

Get The Smile Of Your Dreams With Gum Reshaping

Call our office for more information regarding the services we offer. Contact our dental team at Rossland Landing Dental Care in Ajax, Ontario to set up your next appointment and get back on the path to a better smile.

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