How To Keep Children’s Teeth Clean With Braces

How To Keep Children’s Teeth Clean With Braces

Apr 01, 2019

Braces can be quite expensive, but a rewarding procedure to achieve healthy teeth and a beautiful smile for your child. Simple dental care procedures while wearing braces can be complicated, but it is important to ensure that your child’s teeth are clean and free from food particles and plaque. This prevents your child from suffering from any other dental issues.

Here are some tips to keep your child’s teeth clean while wearing braces.

Keep an Eye on Their Diet

Sticky food such as gum, candy, caramel should be avoided and if possible, completely eliminated from your child’s diet while they are wearing braces. These food items can stick to the braces, making it difficult to clean.

Consult your Dentist in L1Z 0T4 to know more about the prescribed diet suitable for your child when wearing braces.

Find the Right Toothbrush to Get the Job Done

Your regular toothbrush might not be suitable to clean your child’s teeth while they wear braces. Using a toothbrush with soft bristles can help cleaning your child’s teeth without wearing down the braces or hurt your child’s gums.

Electronic toothbrushes can also help in cleaning your child’s teeth. Also, ensure to change your child’s toothbrush or replace the head of the toothbrush to ensure that your child does not use a worn out toothbrush which is ineffective in cleaning their teeth.

Consult your Dentistry in Ajax to know more about selecting the right toothbrush when wearing braces.

Brush and Brush Often

Dentist in L1Z 0T4 will recommend you to brush at least twice a day and even post every meal and rinse your mouth with water after eating. This helps in removing pieces of food stuck in the braces and clean your child’s teeth.

Make Flossing a Critical Part of the Cleaning Routine

Flossing is an overlooked habit, but while wearing braces, flossing becomes highly important. Flossing can help in removing the food particles which get stuck in your child’s teeth. Using floss picks or floss threaders can help in cleaning hard to reach regions of your teeth when wearing braces.

Visit a dental clinic near you in Ajax to know more about how to floss when wearing braces.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Cleaning and Check-Up

It is vital to schedule periodic dental cleaning and check-ups for your child, and this becomes much more imperative when wearing braces. You can schedule an appointment in Rossland Landing Dental Care to know more about right practices and techniques to clean your child’s teeth when wearing braces.

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