Is A Professional Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

Is A Professional Teeth Cleaning Necessary?

Aug 30, 2018

Even the most hygienic of us ask this question from time to time in our busy lives. “Do I really have to get a professional teeth cleaning?” “Isn’t brushing the same thing?” The response to these questions are ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Yes because there are specific reasons why a dentist appointment is more beneficial than your traditional crest strips. ‘No’ because there are somethings your toothbrush just can’t do when it comes to taking care of your teeth.

3 Reasons Why You Need To See A Dentist

Early Detection Of Diseases

A visit to the dental hygienist can easily save you from a frightening number of dental diseases. There are things in your mouth that your local dentist can easily detect and give the proper treatment promptly. However, if things are left to get out of control, gum disease and gingivitis can easily sneak up on you.

Prevention of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a thought that most people refuse to think about when it comes to oral health. More people than you think are diagnosed with oral cancer per year: 49,000. During your teeth cleaning the dentist will be sure to check for signs of oral cancer, and if present early detection can potentially save your life.

Tartar Removal

While brushing can remove plaque from the surface of the tooth, tartar cannot be removed so easily due to its hardness. However, dentists have specific tools designed to remove tartar from the surface of teeth.

See A Dentist Today

Many people are simply one dentist visit away from having the gorgeous smile they’ve always fantasized about. The visit doesn’t have to be every week either, the buildup of tartar is a slow process, and checks usually examine oral health for the long-run. A simple bi-annual schedule is enough to save your teeth and overall health.

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