Orthodontic Problems in Your Mouth Can Be Corrected by Braces

Orthodontic Problems in Your Mouth Can Be Corrected by Braces

Mar 04, 2020

If you are one among the many that have orthodontic problems in your mouth that are causing problems with chewing, oral hygiene, speaking, and aesthetics you should not be overly concerned about them. Dental issues can be treated at any age but it is better if they are corrected early so you don’t have persistent problems that can cause more damage to your teeth and gums. You must understand orthodontic problems can affect anyone but if you have a problem that hasn’t been treated earlier you can still visit an orthodontist who can offer you several options that will help to correct the issues in your mouth.

Advances in orthodontics over the last 15 years are allowing people of all ages to correct crooked teeth, close gaps, and other problems without the traditional brackets and wires to tell the world what actions you are taking. It has been observed that nearly 20% of Americans seeking orthodontic treatments are adults who are becoming increasingly conscious about their appearance and seeking great adult-friendly options for straightening their teeth.

What Options Are People Choosing to Straighten Their Teeth?

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are also popular as metal braces and have fixed brackets, wires, and elastic bands that function together to move the teeth into their new position. Present-day braces are smaller, lighter, and more comfortable than their earlier counterparts and you can even choose the color of wires and bands if you want to have some fun with the braces. These metal braces despite being despised by adults are an effective choice especially if you have complex orthodontic issues in your mouth. The orthodontist will evaluate your mouth before recommending the type of teeth braces suitable for you.

Transparent Braces

Many adults are choosing transparent braces such as Invisalign for straightening their teeth. Invisalign offers a series of removable and clear braces that can straighten the teeth without using metal or wires. The custom-made aligners move the teeth progressively into place before needing a change after two weeks. The time taken by Invisalign to straighten the teeth is faster than metal braces and is the reason why many people are preferring them to their metal counterparts. Clear braces can be removed for special occasions or when having foods and beverages. They can be replaced after the wearer has completed his or her oral hygiene routine. You just need to ensure that you maintain a level of self-discipline if you decide on transparent braces for straightening your teeth because the results will not be favorable if you leave your teeth without the braces for at least 22 to 24 hours every day.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are not invisible but are made to be by being applied behind the teeth. They are almost impossible to notice even up close making you believe this is the perfect choice for you. However, you must understand they can be uncomfortable with the wires and brackets being up against your tongue. The cost of lingual braces is also higher than other options and you will have difficulties maintaining oral hygiene and speaking during the initial stages. However, if you are determined to be secretive about your teeth straightening this can be a good option for you.

Ceramic Braces

Another almost invisible alternative is clear braces made from ceramic. These tooth-colored braces appear similar to a retainer although many people will not notice them even from a couple of feet away. The wire is made from silver but the brackets and ligatures are tooth-colored or clear making them less noticeable. Unfortunately, the ligatures can stain with foods like black coffee, curry, and other staining foods. However, the ligatures are changed frequently and therefore it should not be concerning. Many patients using ceramic braces simply avoid having staining foods when wearing them.

If you are looking forward to having your teeth straightened you must do so by the dentist in Ajax who can offer you any of the options discussed in this article. The dentist understands the biology of tooth movement and is qualified to apply them.

Poorly aligned teeth can affect your overall health besides the longevity of your teeth. You will have difficulties keeping misaligned teeth clean leaving them prone to cavities, fractures, and uneven wear. Therefore whether you are considering straightening your teeth for medical reasons or aesthetic reasons you can find many great adult-friendly options along with qualified practitioners in Ajax to administer them. As long as you believe you’re not too old to improve your smile you can make a great beginning right away and have the smile you want.

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