Dental Emergency in Ajax, Ontario

Ajax Emergency Dental Care

Have you or a loved one experienced a dental emergency in Ajax, Ontario? Think you may need emergency dental care near you? Common mouth injuries that constitute a dental emergency can include cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth. These injuries can be a result of a fall, accident, sports-related Injury, or even just biting into food that is too hard. Not all chipped teeth and minor fractures require emergency dental care. Some of these injuries can wait to call the dentist during normal business hours.

If the crack is severe, the tooth has nerve damage, it is knocked out completely, or if a large piece of it is missing, then you should seek immediate medical attention. All of these things are clear dental emergencies. Contact us immediately to address your dental emergency in Ajax, ON.

Prior to Visiting Our Emergency Dentist in Ajax, ON

If the tooth is knocked out completely, you should try to handle it as little as possible. If you can put it back into its original socket, then you should. Once the tooth is in its socket, bite down softly on moistened gauze, or a wet tea bag. Be very careful not to swallow the tooth.

If you cannot get the tooth back into its socket, then keep it in a container of milk until a professional can see you. You should also apply a cold compress to the injured area to help with swelling and bleeding coming from the tooth socket.

For a chipped tooth, do not attempt to hold it in place, but place the missing chunk of the tooth in a container of milk and bring it with you to our office.

In the event a tooth has been broken, attempt to collect any pieces and place them in milk. We recommend gently rinsing the mouth and contact our emergency dentist in Ajax. We would be happy to determine the right treatment option for you.

Get Emergency Dentistry in Ajax Today

Sometimes the emergency will not be as clear of a problem as a missing tooth. Sometimes an emergency may present itself in the form of severe tooth pain. If this is the case, call our Ajax emergency dentist near you immediately, and we will do our best to see you immediately.

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