Dental Implants & Bone Grafting in Ajax, Ontario

Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants in Ajax

Think of a dental implant as an artificial tooth root. It is essentially a titanium screw that is bonded to your jaw bone to allow for a later installation of an artificial tooth. Titanium has a natural affinity to bond with bone structure, therefore it makes the perfect material for a dental implant. Dental implants become a sturdy base for supporting an artificial tooth or crown.

About Our Ajax Dental Implants

Dental implants have been used for a long time and are still the strongest procedure available to support a replacement tooth. More than just the strongest, they are the absolute best option when it comes to tooth replacement. This is because they allow the new tooth to look, function, and even feel natural. Dental implants also stimulate the jaw bone, something that a typical dental bridge cannot do. This means that your jaw bone will be strengthened and it will minimize bone loss typically associated with a missing tooth.

A dental implant procedure, when done by our experienced dentist, is an extremely safe and very predictable procedure.

About Our Ajax Bone Grafting

Over the years, the need for bone grafting during a dental implant surgery has been significantly reduced, however, it has not been eliminated completely. In most cases, a dental implant surgery will only minimally require bone grafting. A procedure is minimally invasive and can be managed quite easily. Bone grafting can be done with either your own bone material or processed bone that has been sterilized with all organic material removed.

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