Dental Onlays in Ajax, Ontario

There are several options available when it comes to repairing a tooth that has sustained damage from either decay or injury. For minor damage, a filling is usually sufficient. More serious cases may require either a root canal or dental crown. However, sometimes, the damage falls in between these two situations – where it is too extensive for a filling to cover, but not serious enough to have a crown placed (which requires part of the tooth to be shaved away). For these cases, dental inlays and onlays can be the solution.

About Dental Onlays in Ajax

An onlay is a dental restoration that covers the cusp of a tooth. It is made in a dental laboratory using ceramic, composite resin, gold, titanium, or other metals. Metallic onlays are usually cemented (glued) onto the tooth while ceramic and composite resin onlays are bonded (fused with adhesive) onto the tooth. Onlays are similar to dental crowns, but they do not require as much of the natural tooth structure to be removed to make room for them.

Dental Inlays vs. Dental Onlays

An inlay is used to repair a tooth in between the cusp tips (in the center of the tooth surface) while an onlay is used to treat the cusp or tips of the tooth.

Ajax Dental Onlays Procedure

Like for inlays, the procedure for dental onlays first requires an anesthetic to numb the area being treated. The damaged or decayed areas of the tooth will then be removed and the tooth cleaned. Impressions will be taken of the tooth to be sent to a dental laboratory, where the onlay will be created. In the meantime, a temporary onlay will be fitted to the prepared tooth. Once the completed onlay is ready, it will be cemented or bonded to the tooth.

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