Gum Grafting in Ajax, Ontario

Who Needs Gum Grafting?

Have you noticed your gums appear to be receding? Recently diagnosed with periodontal gum disease? Gum recession is a common condition which is typically caused by poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease which causes the soft tissues (gums) in your mouth to separate from the teeth and begin to recede. With gum grafting in Ajax, we can improve the appearance, health and function of your gums leaving you with a healthier more appealing smile.

About Our Ajax Gum Grafting

The gum grafting procedure involves using tissue from other areas of the mouth to rebuild areas which have been affected by gum recession. Tissue can be used from the bottom of the mouth, top of the mouth and even from around the teeth. The ultimate goal is to reattach the gums and allow them to properly heal.

Is Gum Grafting Painful?

For the gum grafting treatment, your gums will be fully numbed using a local anesthetic so you should feel absolutely no pain. However, following treatment you may have some discomfort during the healing process. Most patients report that it is not severe, however it can be slightly annoying. We recommend taking over-the-counter medication to reduce any discomfort or inflammation.

Ajax Gum Grafting Recovery

Following your Ajax gum grafting treatment you can expect swelling and discomfort. Again, medication can be used to manage symptoms. Cold compresses may also be used on your face to reduce swelling. Each patient is different with recovery however it should not take long.

Schedule Gum Grafting in Ajax, ON

Want to improve the appearance and health of your gums with gum grafting near you? Schedule an appointment with our dental office near you today! We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health to determine if gum grafting in Ajax, ON is the right option.

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