Gum Reduction in Ajax, Ontario

Who Needs Gum Reduction?

When it comes to getting a gum reduction, the decision is usually highly personal. It depends on how you feel about your gums and whether or not you want to change them. Many people decide to go through with a gum reduction procedure because they cover too much of their teeth, they do not like the size, or they do not like the shape of their gums.

Our Ajax Gum Reduction Procedure

A gum reduction procedure is also referred to as gum contouring or gum reshaping. It involves removing excess gums with either a scalpel or a laser. It can help many patients achieve the cosmetic goals that they have for their smile.

Is Gum Reduction Painful?

During the procedure, you should feel absolutely no pain because you will be fully numbed with anesthesia. However, after the procedure, depending on how much gum tissue is removed, there will be a level of discomfort during the healing process. It is typically not severe; however, it could be referred to as annoying or slightly agitating. In a short time, however, you will heal and will notice no lasting pain.

Ajax Gum Reduction Recovery

No matter how much gum tissue is removed, you will experience some swelling and discomfort after the procedure. You can manage the pain by applying ice packs to your face for 15 minutes at a time and using ibuprofen. Recovery time is different from patient to patient, and it also depends on whether or not you received sutures.

Schedule Your Gum Reduction in Ajax Today

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