Gum Reshaping in Ajax, Ontario

Interested in correcting your gummy smile for a more appealing look? Notice that your gums are receding, exposing too much of your teeth? With gum reshaping, our patients can alter the appearance and health of their gums, giving them a healthier more appealing smile.

Ajax Gum Reshaping

Gum reshaping in Ajax, ON focus on the function, health and appearance of the gum tissues in a patient’s mouth. Although our teeth are extremely important, our gums and other tissues actually help to hold them into place! Certain patients may have too much gum in their smile, known as a “gummy smile” which can have a big impact on the appearance of their smile.

Ajax Gum Grafting

Do you have receding gums or have been told you have gum disease? Considering gum grafting in Ajax, ON? Gum grafting is an excellent option for patients who have experienced reducing gums due to whatever reason. Tissue is grafted to areas where needed, creating a more even and appealing smile. Gum grafting may also be used to reduce gum pockets that form due to gum disease.

Ajax Gum Reduction

Do you have a gummy or uneven smile? Interested in gum reduction in Ajax, ON? The gums can have a huge impact on how your smiles looks, with gum reduction we can remove any excess gum tissue a patient may have. During the procedure, tissue is removed, making the smile look more even and appealing.

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