Smile Enhancement Services for You

Smile Enhancement Services for You

Dec 01, 2020

Everyone wants an aesthetic smile. Some careers such as sales and marketing, film, or modeling will require you to have a beautiful smile. Smile imperfections affect your self-esteem and sometimes you might feel uncomfortable engaging in conversations due to fear of judgment.

With smile enhancement procedures, your dentist can give you a reason to smile again without fear of being judged. When you seek cosmetic dental services, your dentist will first examine your teeth to choose the right smile enhancement procedure for you.

Top Smile Improvement Strategies

There are several smile enhancement strategies you can choose, for beautiful teeth. The most common smile enhancement procedures include:

Teeth whitening

If you have stained or discolored teeth, you might feel embarrassed to smile. However, you don’t have to worry. With teeth whitening, you can achieve a bright and white smile.

Teeth whitening can be in-office or home-based treatments. If you have mild staining and teeth discoloration, your dentist can recommend home-based treatments. Some of the home-based teeth whitening techniques include toothpaste, gels, and bleaching strips.

If you have moderate or severe tooth staining or discoloration, your dentist will recommend in-office teeth whitening treatments. Depending on how severely stained your teeth are, your dentist can choose.

Porcelain Veneers

Dental veneers are thin ceramic sheets that your dentist can place on the front parts of your teeth to cover decayed, stained, or chipped parts. When you have badly-decayed, severely-stained, or chipped teeth, they might affect your appearance. Therefore, your dentist might recommend porcelain veneers to cover the smile imperfections since they mimic your natural teeth color.

Before placing the dental veneers, the dentist will first shed some parts of your teethand remove signs of decay. Next, the dentist will use a composite cement to bond the dental veneers to the enamels. Dental veneers can improve your tooth functions.

Dental Bonding

Do you have cracked, chipped, or stained teeth?  To correct the dental imperfections, your dentist might recommend dental bonding.

Dental bonding involves using a composite adhesive material to cover and bond a damaged tooth. The bonding material mimics the natural color of your teeth, providing smile aesthetics. To harden the bonding material, your dentist uses a special light.


Do you have misaligned or crowded teeth? If so, your dentist might recommend orthodontic treatments. If you have mild to moderately crooked teeth, your dentist might recommend Invisalign.

Invisalign are clear aligners that utilize tray-like oral devices to move your teeth to the desired positions. The clear aligners are virtually invisible. Therefore, they are not noticeable from far. When you get Invisalign treatments, the dentist will advise you to wear each set of invisible aligners 20 hours a day for two weeks until the teeth move to the desired positions.

Tooth Caps

If you have broken, badly-decayed, stained, or chipped teeth, your dentist might recommend dental crowns to restore the structure and color of your natural tooth color. Also, your dentist can use dental crowns as tooth caps for dental implants.

Dental Bridges and Dentures

Missing teeth can affect your appearance, lowering your self-esteem. To replace the missing teeth, your dentist might recommend dental bridges or dentures. The dental bridges and dentures fill the gaps left by fallen-out tooth, restoring your aesthetic smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are biocompatible titanium screws that integrate with your jaw bone to hold the tooth cap if you have missing teeth. The dental implants are not visible, improving your appearance.

Gum Sculpting

If you have a gummy smile, your teeth look smaller and unattractive. Therefore, you can consider gum contouring to reduce the amount of gum tissue that is visible when you smile.

Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover is a combination of many smile enhancement procedures. If you have multiple dental imperfections, your dentist can recommend a smile makeover.

When you seek a smile enhancement in Ajax, ON, your dentist will examine your teeth first to create a custom treatment plan. Your dentist will perform all the procedures in one dental appointment unless some require multiple treatments.

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