What are the Effects of Sedation?

What are the Effects of Sedation?

May 22, 2018

The effects of sedation ajax can be beneficial to those patients who are afraid and anxious when it comes to dental procedures.

Benefits of sedation

Here are the list of possible benefits in using Sedation:
1. Allows patients to have less fear and anxiety concerning dental procedures
2. Allows dentist to provide their patient’s good oral health care
3. Patients often have no memory of the procedure
4. Reduced gag reflex
5.When the patient is calm the dentist can work faster

What are the effects of sedation

Dental sedation is safe even though there are minor side effects but there is also a possibility of more severe side effects but those are rare. As with all medication; there is a risk of allergic reaction so be sure your dentist knows about any allergies you may have.
These side effects wear off within 8 to 10 hours generally here are the List of possible minor side effects in using sedation.
a .Dry mouth
b. Headaches
c. Dizziness
d. Nausea
e. Lightheadedness
f. Dizziness

In uncommon scenarios there have been a experience that provides Severe side effects
Severe side effects are extremely rare but are the reason you must tell your dentist about all health issues you may have and all medications you are taking to reduce the risk of severe side effects.
Certain health issues such as cardiac, pulmonary, hepatic, renal, or CNS disease, obesity, sleep apnea, or in the elderly, pregnant patients, and drug/alcohol abusers can have sedation cause severe side effects and even death.

Who can perform sedation

All dentists can perform mild sedation with nitrous oxide or pills, but only a small number of dentists can perform deep sedation and general anesthesia.
Rossland Landing Dental can perform safe dental sedation to help those patients who are afraid or anxious about dental procedures.
By providing safe dental sedation to patients, Rossland can help you have complete oral health through all the stages of your life.


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