What to Do if You Have Broken a Tooth

What to Do if You Have Broken a Tooth

Nov 06, 2018

Accidents happen. Whether it’s a fall on concrete, sports injury, or simply biting down too hard on a piece of hard candy, you could end up with a broken tooth. Fortunately, a broken or split tooth can be saved. The dental professionals at Rossland Landing Dental Care in Ajax, Ontario are here to restore your smile.

Schedule an emergency appointment with your dentist

When you’ve had a dental injury, time is of the essence – the faster you act, the more likely the tooth can be repaired to a good result. The most common injuries are chipped teeth. Dislodged or knocked out teeth are more serious injuries but are less likely to occur. Even if you don’t think the injury is severe, schedule an appointment with your dentist at Rossland Landing Dental Care as soon as you can. There may be complications that you can’t see or feel, and the neighboring teeth might be affected as well. Receiving prompt treatment will minimize treatment time, pain, and cost.

What to do if you have broken a tooth

Take the following steps to keep your tooth in the best condition until you can receive treatment.

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • If there is bleeding, apply a clean piece of gauze or a clean rolled up handkerchief to the area and apply firm pressure by biting down gently.
  • To help with any pain or swelling, apply a cold pack wrapped in a tea towel. Be sure not to apply anything cold directly on the tooth or skin.

A cracked tooth may not be obvious and only be detected by other signs, so be aware of symptoms like tooth pain when biting in a specific way or tooth sensitivity.

What to do if you have knocked out a tooth

A tooth that has been knocked out of the mouth has a chance of being reattached if action is taken quickly enough. Take the following steps to increase the chances of saving your natural tooth.

  • Handle the tooth gently only by the crown, not the tooth root.
  • Rinse the tooth gently with water, if needed. Do not clean it or use any substances on it, such as soap.
  • If possible, place the tooth back into its socket and keep it there until you can see your dentist. Otherwise, it can be kept in a container of milk or saliva.

What to expect at your dental visit

Your dentist will thoroughly examine the affected area to determine the best treatment for repairing the damaged tooth. In most cases, a fractured or chipped tooth can be repaired by having the broken piece reattached or by using a tooth-colored filling. If the tooth has sustained substantial damage, a crown may be needed. Tooth sensitivity is a sign that the inside of the tooth has been exposed or damaged, in which case a root canal treatment may become necessary.

What to do if your child has broken a tooth

As children’s teeth are more likely to be primary teeth, a dislodged or knocked out tooth may or may not be restored to its place. After the tooth has been treated, regular follow-ups will be necessary for the dentist to make sure that the tooth roots are growing correctly.

At Rossland Landing Dental Care, our team of experienced professionals in Ajax, Ontario can provide you with the best results.