When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care

Oct 01, 2019

It can be difficult to ascertain if your dental issue is an emergency or not. Those small issues, if left untreated, can take up a big face before you can even realize. In case of a dental issue, it’s better to see a dentist so that he can evaluate and inform you if it is something to worry about or not.

The most common dental issue is toothache which can come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees. Let’s have a look at some instances which can be considered as emergencies and you must see a Dentist in L1Z 0T4 as early as possible.

    • Severe Toothache

If your tooth pain is beyond tolerable, you must see the dentist immediately for relief as there can be many reasons behind a toothache. The treatment will depend on the right diagnosis. If you suddenly experience tooth pain or it has been lingering for a few days along with sensitivity to hot, cold, and touch, it is a sure sign of a dental emergency. Dental clinics that operate during special hours can address your issue.

    • Swelling in Jaw

According to the dentist in Ajax, ON, if you have been experiencing swelling in the jaw, it can be an indication of infection such as salivary gland infection. If there are other symptoms along with swollen jaws such as bad taste in the mouth, trouble in swallowing and breathing, and fever, it is time to see the dentist. The salivary gland infection is caused by a blockage in the salivary glands which prevents the saliva from doing its job. It is a relatively uncommon infection and the dentist will examine the symptoms for treatment.

    • Dental Abscess

If you notice abscess, it is time for you to head to the dentist near you. An abscessed tooth is a type of painful infection which is found at the root of the tooth. It can happen because of an untreated cavity or an advanced gum disease. Chipped tooth and trauma can also be the reason for an abscessed tooth. It may need a minor surgery for draining the infection and treating it properly.

    • Headache That Refuses To Go Away

There can be many underlying reasons behind headaches such as stress, cold, being sick, etc. But if your headache has become constant, it can be a sign of something else. Pain in your mouth or jaw can also lead to headaches as your teeth and head are connected. The reason for your headache can be bruxism. The treatment for teeth grinding can be as simple as wearing a nightguard.

    • Consistent Fatigue

This may sound surprising but being tired and feeling exhausted can be a sign of an oral infection. When your body works on healing itself, you can feel tired. Thus, it’s recommended to see your dentist and make sure if you are suffering from oral infection or not.

    • Mouth Tastes Like Metal

If you have got a metal filling before and your mouth begins to taste like metal, it can be a sign that your filling has cracked or become loose. It is important to get emergency dental care as the open filling can become a reason for infection and cavity. It can further lead to toothache, cavity, or need for a root canal. Ask the dentist to remove the old fillings and replace them with new fillings, clearing out any infection and bacteria left behind.

    • Numb Tooth

If you had been suffering from toothache and suddenly you stop feeling anything, it can be a sign that infection has spread to the root of the tooth. Numbness in your tooth is not a good sign and you must see the emergency dental care in Ajax ON, as early as possible.

    • Bleeding gums

If your gums are red and swollen and they bleed while brushing, it is a sign that you need to see the dentist immediately. Bleeding gums are a sign of gum disease. Diagnosing and treating the gum disease early can help in curing it, unlike advanced gum disease which can only be managed and not cured completely. Gum disease can affect your overall health as well, and thus it is important to treat them.

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