Why Do Kids Need Pediatric Dentistry?

Why Do Kids Need Pediatric Dentistry?

Apr 06, 2018

Kids have different needs when it comes to dentistry, as their mouths are still developing. This begins with the eruption of baby teeth, which are gradually replaced by adult teeth. There is a risk of developmental problems at this time. Kids are also more susceptible to conditions like tooth decay and fluoride deficiencies.

Pediatric dentists receive extra training to learn all about dentistry for kids Ajax. They also learn how to treat children in the clinic, including anxious kids and children with special needs. When looking for an Ajax dentist, you want someone who knows how to explain procedures in simple terms to reassure your child. A pediatric dentist certain to have such skills and experience.

When Do Kids Need Pediatric Dentistry?

Kids should start receiving regular checkups after their first tooth erupts. The dentist will examine your child’s tooth and gums to check development. By starting dental visits early, you can receive recommendations for preventive measures to avoid decay and gum disease.

Preparing for the First Visit

Talk to the pediatric dentist in advance to find out what you need to bring to your first appointment. This will probably include your child’s medical records, as the dentist will want to create a medical history. Introduce visiting the dentist as a fun activity to your child — the staff at your pediatric dental clinic will likely help with this, giving your child a tour of the facilities and a ride in the dental chair.

When to Book Extra Appointments

If you ever have a cause for concern, book an appointment instead of waiting your child’s regular checkup. It is important to keep baby teeth in good condition, as they maintain the space for permanent teeth. Always see your dentist if a baby tooth is knocked out, may be infected, or may have decay.

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