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Aligning Your Teeth The Right Way with Professional Orthodontic Treatment

Aligning Your Teeth The Right Way with Professional Orthodontic Treatment

Aligning Your Teeth The Right Way with Professional Orthodontic Treatment

When proper teeth alignment is mentioned, most people consider having aesthetically pleasing teeth. However, there is more than just the looks regarding proper teeth alignment. Although well-aligned teeth are aesthetically pleasing, proper teeth alignment has other benefits. So, if you have questions about orthodontic treatment, you’re in the right place. This piece will tell you all you need to know about teeth alignment procedures and why it is essential.

Why Proper Teeth Alignment Is Essential

Before we provide you with the treatment options for misaligned teeth, it is essential to know why proper teeth alignment is crucial. Here are some reasons:

  • Allows efficient eating- misaligned teeth can affect your chewing and overall diet. This is because crooked teeth can make it challenging for you to chew food well. However, when the misalignment is fixed, it becomes easier to chew food for efficient eating.
  • Allows for clear speech- misshapen or crooked teeth can interfere with your speech. So, to fix the speech issues, go for professional treatment.
  • Promotes proper oral hygiene- teeth are well aligned on the jaw and are easier to clean. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for crooked teeth. This is because when you have misaligned teeth, you might fail to clean the out-of-line teeth, and food debris will remain dislodged on the teeth. Food debris can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Proper teeth alignment is imperative to prevent such dental complications.
  • Misaligned teeth can cause jaw joint issues- malformed teeth can lead to popping or clicking in your jaw, and this can cause pain and tenderness in the area. Headaches, earaches, and painful chewing can also accompany jaw pain. If left untreated, it can lead to more severe problems like jaw locking, meaning it cannot be able to move at all. Only surgery will be effective in fixing jaw locking.
  • For aesthetic reasons- the first thing people notice is your smile, which is affected by your teeth. So, fixing any misaligned teeth will be crucial in improving your smile.
  • Chipped teeth- mishappen teeth can cause the opposite teeth to crack or chip. This is because when the teeth are out of position, they can be in constant contact with the

Common Issues to Fix for Correct Teeth Alignment

For you to have the perfect bite, there are specific issues that the orthodontist might need to fix. Some of the common problems that are treated include:

  • Rotated teeth- there are instances where you might have a tooth that has turned or twisted improperly. This is a common issue in children when their teeth erupt.
  • Overcrowding or crooked teeth- this is where there is insufficient space on your jaw for teeth to erupt. It can also be where your tooth erupts incorrectly, making them crooked.
  • Gaps between teeth- have you noticed gaps between one tooth and another?This happens when your teeth aren’t spaced correctly, leaving large gaps between them. The disadvantage of having large gaps between teeth is that the gaps provide an area for plaque build-up and bacterial growth, which can lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay.
  • Crossbite- this occurs when the upper teeth fit inside the bottom teeth affecting the front or back teeth.
  • Overbite- an overbite, also known as a deep bite, occurs when the top teeth cover a significant area of the bottom teeth vertically.

Now that you know the most common teeth misalignment problems, what are the treatment options for these problems?

What Are the Most Common Orthodontic Treatment Options?

  • Fixed appliances- just as the name indicates, these are dental appliances fixed on your mouth to treat an orthodontic problem. The most common fixed devices used are teeth braces. Traditional braces can be used to fix mild to severe tooth misalignment problems. On the other hand, there are ceramic braces that are less noticeable than traditional braces. If you are unsure which braces will suit you, visit the dentist who installs dental braces in Ajax, ON for consultation.
  • Removable appliances- these are dental appliances that work like fixed dental appliances but can be removed by the patient from time to time: something that cannot be done with fixed appliances. A good example is the Invisalign aligners.
  • Retainers- retainers are used after treatment by braces. They ensure that your teeth don’t move after braces are removed.

Misaligned teeth can have a lot of negative impacts on your oral health, diet, and even self-esteem. Fortunately, Rossland Landing Dental Care will take care of your teeth misalignment problem. So visit us today for a revitalized smile.

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