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Benefits of Customized Mouth Guard from the Dentist

Benefits of Customized Mouth Guard from the Dentist

Benefits of Customized Mouth Guard from the Dentist

Custom-fitted mouthguards are mouth-protecting devices manufactured in a professional lab or dental office. They are built by considering the particular sports you are playing and your dental history. Customized sports guards drop the bulky feel of OTC guards and are more flexible than them. They are typically used by athletes during athletics or participating in other recreational activities.

Each guard is individually built depending on the instructions of the dental professional. Initially, the expert will take the teeth impression. Then, he/she will mold the custom guard over the model with a special material. It makes the custom mouthguards more costly than other types. Once the guard gets ready, the professional will inspect it to ensure you are properly satisfied with the fitting.

Pros of Custom Mouthguards You Must Know

Investing in a custom-fit mouthguard offers multiple advantages. Below are some of them:

Offer Protection for Each Sport

Custom-made mouthguards offer excellent protection when you are on the court or field. Therefore, if you participate in contact or non-contact sports, it will help you reach the next level by preventing damage to the teeth. As per the International Academy of Sports Dentistry, a properly-made guard separates the upper and lower jaw. It cushions the transmission of concussive effects to the brain.

During an accident, the device will absorb some of the force caused by it to the jaw or chin and distribute it. It prevents injury to the lips, tongue, or tooth. On the other hand, standard guards available at sports shops pull the muscles to clench together. It further irritates the muscles and causes more issues to the teeth. They are also not designed to provide the best protection for sports injuries.

Much More Comfortable than Standard Mouthguards

Unlike standard guards, custom ones are much more comfortable. Most patients even forget that they are wearing them. The wearer also takes out the device less during practice. Also, the dental professional creates the custom guard using the direct mouth impression. Therefore, he/she does not use unwanted material.

The expert trims the flanges to allow the tongue and cheeks to shift with less interference. The guards also stay in the mouth without making the mouth shut. It makes speaking, swallowing, and breathing much easy. Introducing a custom guard to your kids when they are young increases the chances that they will continue to wear them into adulthood.

Protect Expensive Dental Work in the Mouth

The cost of treating knocked-out teeth or other serious trauma is much more than a customized mouthguard. This preventative device can protect the costly dental work that you have done already. They typically include implants, porcelain veneers, retainers, implant-supported dentures, etc.

Offers a Perfect Fit

Another big difference between a custom version and a store-bought guard is the proper fit. The expert fits the mouth guards in Ajax, ON perfectly to the teeth by ensuring they cover every area of the mouth. He/she will also make sure you feel comfortable when wearing it. If there are any loose areas, the dentist will reposition them in the mouth. The ideal fit of a customized guard enhances the smile structure of the wearer.

High-Material Quality

An inexpensive guard is manufactured using cheap materials that can help to save money. However, it does not protect your mouth fully. We recommend picking a mouthguard fabricated from U.S. Food and Drug Administration-Approved Materials. You must ensure that the guard should be 3 mm thick (minimum). It will offer sufficient absorption of impact during a collision.

Offers Customization to the Mouth

Customized mouthguards offer a lot of personalization to the wearer. The expert can fabricate them using individual shades, logos, and names. If you or your kids require a custom-fit appliance, the dentist near you or experts at Rossland Landing Dental Care can help.

When fitting a mouthguard, the expert will consider many things. These are cavities, medical history, possible gum diseases, Orthodontic devices, types of sports played, and your unique needs.

Easy to Use

Since custom-fit guards offer a perfect fit, it makes them much simple for athletes to use while training. Furthermore, compared to boil and bite mouthguards, these custom appliances do not need re-boiling or re-fitting.

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