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Do Mouthguards Work for Grinding Teeth?

Do Mouthguards Work for Grinding Teeth?

Do Mouthguards Work for Grinding Teeth?

Teeth grinding is considered normal when done sometimes. But it can be a cause for worry if it becomes a habit. Bruxism is caused due to many factors like medical conditions, stress, missing teeth, etc. Many people usually grind their teeth when they are fearful and stressed. It usually happens while they sleep. This results in long-term damage to teeth if done regularly.

Constant teeth clenching creates adverse effects on your physical and dental health in the long run. It can lead to many problems like chronic earache, damaged teeth, headache, etc. Read below to find out whether a guard is an effective solution for teeth grinding or not.

What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouthguard is an oral device manufactured from either acrylic or plastic. It is a highly efficient solution for bruxism. The device is designed to fit on the top teeth.

Sometimes, a mouthguard is known as a snore guard, mainly when it is used for treating sleep apnea. Numerous dentists suggest using a custom mouthguard while sleeping at night.

How Does It Work?

You may clench your teeth while sleeping but may not be familiar with it. Its effects can be uncomfortable. Although there is no cure for teeth grinding, numerous medical providers suggest mouth guards as a treatment. It helps in limiting overnight teeth clenching and their related repercussions.

A mouth guard works by protecting teeth by stopping them from clenching against each other while sleeping at night. It means the device acts as a roadblock between the lower and upper teeth. They can even minimize the grinding noises that you make at night. However, not every mouthguard is the same. Each device is used for different reasons.

These protective devices are also customizable at the dental office. However, these guards are more costly than store-bought options. Our experts create your teeth impressions and design a mouthguard for snoring, teeth grinding, or sleep apnea.

The great thing is that you can use it even when you have braces or while you play sports. Therefore, when your jaw clenches, the mouthguard forces the tightening to loosen up to prevent potential damage to the teeth.

The dentist fits the custom-made mouthguard according to the jaw shape and size of a person. They are usually more comfortable because they are manufactured using softer plastic. They are much more effective for those with severe bruxism. A mouthguard helps in lowering the jaw and facial ache. To know about mouthguards for sleeping, call our dental clinic today.

Benefits of Getting Mouth Guard for Sleeping

Below are the advantages of mouthguards:

Prevents Headache

Extreme emotional disturbances result in the grinding of teeth. Teeth grinding puts a lot of stress on the jaw. It leads to headaches and migraine. It makes it challenging for you to stick to your daily routine. But using mouthguards can help you effectively get rid of headaches.

Say Bye-Bye to Jaw and Toothache

As you know, bruxism results in other issues such as tooth pain, wear and tear on teeth, jaw ache, etc. Mouthguards are an effective solution for preventing these issues from occurring.

Protect Teeth from Further Damage

Your teeth let you speak, chew, and smile comfortably. That is why protecting them at all costs must be your priority. Constant teeth grinding makes the teeth start wearing down. It enhances the risk of tooth pain, dental caries, and sensitivity.

A mouthguard prevents bruxism while sleeping, preventing chipped teeth and other problems. It helps you to avoid expensive dental procedures in the future.

Provides a Peaceful Sleep

The pain caused by bruxism results in discomfort while sleeping. This affects your overall sleep quality. A snoring mouth guard prevents the grinding jaws and lets the muscles around it relax at night. It allows you to enjoy a pleasant sleep.

Contact Rossland Landing Dental Care Now for an Effective Solution for Bruxism

Clenching and grinding of teeth are a part of bruxism. This sleep-associated condition leads to a variety of other issues. If you continue grinding teeth over several months or years, it can result in TMD.

There is no more effective remedy than mouthguards in Ajax, Ontario to reduce the signs of grinding, OSA, and snoring. You may need to replace your mouthguard every few months as your mouth grows.

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