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Do Root Canals Eliminate Tooth Pain?

Do Root Canals Eliminate Tooth Pain?

Do Root Canals Eliminate Tooth Pain?

The sole reason dentists recommend that you need a root canal is because you report a throbbing toothache with sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures when biting or chewing or display pimples near the roots of the tooth indicating an abscess. Root canal therapy is a procedure exclusively reserved to treat infections inside your tooth and is not similar to routine exams or cleanings recommended by dentists to everyone.

When you visit your regular dentist with complaints about a toothache and sensitivity in a specific tooth, the professional examines it to determine whether you have an infection on the inside and the extent of the damage. The dentist recommends RCT treatment only after confirming no other remedy is available to eliminate the toothache you experience other than extracting the tooth. Therefore if your dentist recommends having root canals, consider it a blessing in disguise because it saves you considerable sums of money that you would otherwise spend on tooth replacement solutions.

How Do You Benefit from Root Canals?

If you have an infected tooth resulting from decay or injuries, your mouth’s bacteria would have penetrated deep into the tooth to infect the dental pulp. Dental pulp infections are comfortably treatable by this endodontic therapy, ensuring removal of the infected pulp to free you from the excruciating toothache. Alternatively, you can choose to extract the tooth and get rid of the infection. However, you must consider the consequences of tooth loss and how you will deal with them after removing your tooth to eliminate the pain.

When you choose in favour of extraction over root canals, you become prone to the consequences of tooth loss. Your remaining teeth begin shifting towards the vacant gap left by the missing tooth. You also become susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease because the socket becomes a comfortable spot for food particles and bacteria to remain trapped. Your mouth begins sagging because tooth loss also causes your jawbone to deteriorate, making you look older than you are. You encounter challenges in eating and speaking and generally affect your quality of life. To overcome all the challenges you face, you must seek replacement solutions with dental implants or bridges costing you twice as much as undergoing root canal treatment in Ajax, ON, in a couple of visits.

Root canals help you preserve your natural tooth by eliminating the infection within to give you a painless experience with your tooth after this surgical procedure. Isn’t that beneficial?

Root Canals Are Painful, Aren’t They?

Root canals are a surgical procedure requiring the dentist in Ajax to look for an infection within your tooth and not over it. All surgical procedures cause discomfort after completing the process, and root canals are no exception. However, if you inquire whether root canals hurt when the specialist performs the treatment, the answer is an emphatic NO. You will likely experience no pain when undergoing RCT because the specialists provide sufficient anesthesia to make your tooth or your entire body relaxed and numb.

You will experience discomfort after the procedure when the anesthesia begins wearing off. However, the specialist provides prescription or over-the-counter painkiller recommendations to help you overcome the pain without further challenges. You also receive instructions on caring for the treated tooth to ensure your recovery proceeds smoothly. So long as you adhere to your dentist’s instructions, you find that all discomfort from the treatment vanishes in about a week, after which you can contact your regular dentist to restore the tooth.

How Do Dentists Eliminate Tooth Pain from Root Canals?

The tooth pain you experience results from the infected or inflamed pulp inside your tooth and not from other sources. Dentists eliminate the tooth pain affecting you, including the infection, by eradicating it altogether by removing the dental pulp, cleaning the canals, disinfecting them, and eventually filling and sealing them for restoration by your dentist. Eradication of the infection in your tooth helps eliminate tooth pain and preserves your tooth for posterity.

After you recover from root canal treatment, you can visit your dentist to have the tooth re-examined by taking x-rays to confirm the infection no longer exists and have the tooth restored with a permanent filling or a dental crown. If you wish to use the tooth as your remaining teeth without impacting its appearance, you help yourself by choosing a dental crown as a restoration instead of the permanent filling. Root canal-treated teeth last for as long as your remaining teeth so long as you maintain appropriate dental hygiene practices and get regular checkups from your dentist to ensure no infections or injuries are hidden in your mouth.

If you are convinced root canals help eliminate your tooth pain, schedule an appointment with Rossland Landing Dental Care to boot out the tooth pain you experience besides the infection inside your tooth by having RCT.

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