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Makeover Your Smile with Dental Crowns from an Ajax Dentist

Makeover Your Smile with Dental Crowns from an Ajax Dentist

Makeover Your Smile with Dental Crowns from an Ajax Dentist

Getting dental work performed due to necessity is routine for many people. However, you can also makeover your smile by hiding aesthetic defects like discoloration, tooth decay, or damage to your front teeth by seeking teeth crowns from a dentist near you to have the beautiful smile you desire.

Dentists provide dental crowns to remove the looks of individual teeth affected by damage due to injuries, tooth decay, or infections that may leave them discoloured and unresponsive to teeth whitening treatments. The dental crown procedure provides many aesthetic benefits because the restorations help encase that defective tooth entirely by covering it like a snug hat. In addition, the crowns can help encase damaged, flawed, and unattractive teeth.

Dental Crowns Defined

Crowns are custom-made dental caps fabricated to fit over damaged or unattractive teeth or even cover dental implants for patients with missing teeth. The prosthetics often represent standalone applications. However, occasionally, they are used with other dental procedures like root canals that render a tooth fragile to restore strength and appearance to make the tooth attractive and restore functionality.

Although different materials like metals, and porcelain fused to metal, all porcelain and all resin help make dental crowns, dentists are more likely to recommend a porcelain cap because they offer a realistic appearance.

How Do Dental Crowns Help Makeover Your Smile?

Many people do not have perfect teeth to display a flawless smile. In addition, the looks of the teeth degrade over time due to improper care, dental trauma, and bad oral habits. If you are affected by these instances, you can seek remedial actions from dental crowns in Ajax, ON, to cover the unattractive teeth with aesthetically pleasing tooth caps to give the tooth its crowning glory. The dental crowns are fabricated in a dental laboratory using excellent quality porcelain customized to match the colour and shape of your remaining natural teeth to help you makeover your smile with these restorations. The repairs to your tooth help makeover your smile to achieve your desired results in many ways. Some improvements you can expect when crowning your teeth are mentioned below.

Fixing Broken and Worn Teeth: Impacts on your mouth from sporting activities or accidents can chip or crack your teeth. In addition, your teeth can also suffer damage from teeth grinding or habits like eating ice, biting fingernails, et cetera. Dental crowns can hide the damage sustained by your teeth and protect the tooth from further damage.

Changing The Shape of Your Tooth: If you have uneven teeth from birth and notice a tooth is shorter than the rest, the condition can make your smile appear uneven. In such cases, the Ajax dentist has dental crowns designed to improve the shape of the teeth to the desired size.

Restoring Decayed or Discolored Teeth: Although tooth-coloured fillings help repair minor instances of tooth decay, dentists suggest crowns for defective teeth with significant cavities or damage. Dental infections can also discolour teeth, making them appear darker and unresponsive to teeth whitening. Dental crowns play an excellent role in helping hide the defective tooth by covering it with a tooth cap that remains on it for over a decade with proper maintenance.

Replacing Missing Teeth: Many people are unfortunate to lose their natural teeth earlier than imagined and seek replacement options with dental implants. However, dental implants do not serve as artificial teeth unless the dentist crowns them with dental crowns after inserting the implant deep into their jawbone to function as artificial tooth roots. The dental crown mounted atop the implant is a replacement tooth to provide a permanent solution for missing teeth.

Dental crowns are helpful devices to cover dental defects impairing the functionality of the teeth and the mouth. However, if you want to make a smile improvement because of aesthetic flaws, you can crown your teeth using these caps provided by the Ajax dentist in a couple of appointments with them to restore your tooth and benefit by having the smile you desire. Therefore if your teeth are unattractive for any reason described in this article, you can consider getting dental crowns to conceal your naturally defective teeth with porcelain dental crowns from the Ajax provider.

You don’t have to live with unattractive teeth or get them extracted to make your smile appear better. Instead, if you arrange your appointment with Rossland Landing Dental Care, the dentist can help you make your teeth attractive with dental crowns to give you a pleasing smile.

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