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Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures When Not in Use

Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures When Not in Use

Tips for Taking Care of Your Dentures When Not in Use

Dentures are false teeth that provide relief from different oral health problems. They also enhance your smile by replacing damaged teeth. But it is essential to take care of dentures similarly to your real teeth. It will help them get stain-free, clean, and look their best. Well-maintained dentures usually stay for 7-10 years. Proper cleaning and brushing two times a day can be helpful.

Denture Care Tips You Must Consider

Consider the following tip to prolong the durability and beauty of dentures in Ajax, ON:

Keep Your Restoration Moist

Keeping dentures moist is essential because it can make them dry out if you fail to do that. As you know, when dentures get dry, they lose their shape. Therefore, always immerse your device in water or a denture cleanser every night before sleeping.

Wash Dentures After Eating Food

After consuming food, always wash your dentures using warm water. Ensure the water is sufficient to eradicate the small food bits, plaque, micro-organisms, and stains. When we eat food, tiny bits can get stuck in the dentures. It can decompose your device and even lead to bad breath in your mouth.

Brush and Clean Your Device Gently

To maintain the dentures in optimal shape, you need to take special care. You can immerse the denture in a denture cleaner for around 20 minutes or overnight if you have stubborn tartar or stain accumulation.

After soaking, brush your device using a liquid dish soap and a denture brush. But avoid abrasive materials like denture paste, toothpaste, etc. Rather, use a household dish soap. While thoroughly cleaning your denture daily, always use a soft-bristled denture brush and ADA-recommended denture cleaner. Try to brush gently in circular motions using little warm water, focusing on every region.

Always use a denture cleanser outside the mouth. Also, make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines strictly. If you notice a calculus or grime accumulation on your denture that you cannot eliminate, get a professional cleaning from your denturist.

Wash Dentures Thoroughly Before Reinserting them in the Mouth

Your denture may have harmful chemicals that can lead to vomiting, pain, and burns if swallowed. Thus, after using a denture-soaking solution, wash your device before putting it back in your mouth.

Schedule Regular Dental Check-ups

Knowing how often to get your dentures professionally checked and cleaned is essential. Speaking to the dentist in Ajax can help with that. If you find your dentures loose, fix an appointment quickly because it can lead to sores, irritation, or infection.

Handle Carefully

Avoid damaging or bending the plastic or clasps when cleaning your denture. It’s because doing that can cause damage to it.

Care for Your Entire Mouth Health

Both cleaning your natural teeth and caring for dentures are essential. And as you know, maintaining a healthy set of gums and teeth is essential for your overall health. It will also make sure that your denture stays there for longer. Thus, brushing your tongue, the roof of your mouth, or your gums helps to eradicate bacteria and plaque build-up.

Avoid Using Bleaching Products

Bleach-containing products can make your denture weak and change their color. Therefore, if you have a denture with metal parts, avoid immersing it in a chlorine solution.

Do Not Use Hot Water

Prefer warm water rather than cold water for your denture kid. It’s because extremely boiled water could lead to the warping of plastic material.

Avoid Using Tugging Motions When Eating Food

As you take time to get used to dentures, make sure you use them appropriately. Do not take large food bites or use tugging motions with your front dentures. Also, avoid refraining from biting down on hard things to prevent chips or damage to the denture.

Leave Your Denture in Open

Before sleeping, always put your denture in a dry and clean area and leave it there overnight. It will help your mouth stay healthy and remove the infection from the fake teeth. Remember, leaving dentures out in the open is a natural method to eradicate yeast or other bacteria.

If you get gum irritation, mouth sores, or infection, get in touch with the dentist at Rossland Landing Dental Care immediately.

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