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What to Expect during Dental Implant Recovery and Pain?

What to Expect during Dental Implant Recovery and Pain?

What to Expect during Dental Implant Recovery and Pain?

Have you recently had dental implant placements to replace the lost teeth in your mouth? You may wonder when you can expect the pain and discomfort to subside after the surgical process. The surgery can also make you think the time needed for your recovery from the surgical procedure is about 6 to 9 months which is the time required for the dental implants to osseointegrate with your body.

You bring unnecessary stress upon yourself by assuming things instead of making proper enquiries when getting a dental implant in Ajax, ON, about the pain and recovery time from dental implant placement. After all, you have undergone a surgical procedure to embed titanium implants in your jawbone to help replace the teeth you no longer have in your mouth. This article explains what to expect after dental implant surgery to make the situation less stressful for you.

Is Pain Expected after Dental Implant Surgery?

Whether minor or significant, every surgical procedure is accompanied by some pain, either severe or minor. Dental implant surgery is no different from other operations, making you complain about pain and discomfort after implant placement.

The periodontists performing the placement use the latest technology and techniques to ensure the procedure remains minimally invasive and pain-free. However, the process for placing the dental implant involves a painful surgical procedure to create openings in your jaw and gums for the placement of the dental implant.

You can expect pain and discomfort after the numbing medication you receive begins wearing off. You will likely notice pain, discomfort, bruising, swelling, and inflammation after you progress home to recover from a process to replace your missing teeth. You will also observe some bleeding for the initial couple of days after the procedure. Remain determined to follow your dentist’s instructions and modify your diet and activities, giving your mouth time to recover.

Time Required for the Pain and Discomfort to Subside

The discomfort from dental implant placement surgery will likely remain with you and peak in about 3 to 5 days from the placement before beginning to subside quickly. By the end of the seventh day of the surgery, you might experience mild discomfort and pain, if any.

Other symptoms of the surgical procedure such as swelling, bruising, inflammation, et cetera should also begin subsiding by the end of the seventh day. You should start feeling normal in approximately a couple of weeks depending on the speed of your recovery. You no longer feel any pain after a couple of weeks and can resume having your regular diet and even begin activities like exercising.

Actions To Take If Experiencing Severe Pain after Two Weeks of Dental Implant Placement

You will likely recover from tooth implant placement in about two weeks from the surgery like most patients. However, remember you need another 3 to 6 months for the implants to osseointegrate with your jawbone. Therefore do not consider your recovery as complete until the implant has integrated with your body.

If you experience severe pain and discomfort after two weeks, it indicates something is not right in your mouth. Instead of enduring the pain or making assumptions, you must schedule an appointment with the Ajax facility to understand the cause of the discomfort.

When you visit the facility for an oral exam, the providers examine the implant site to determine whether any infection exists in the area. Although unfamiliar, infections are possible and can cause pain and inflammation around the implant site. However, you do not need to fear because the dentist cleans and disinfects the implant site and provides antibiotics to eliminate the infection and preserve your dental implant.

In rare cases, your body may reject your dental implant, especially if you have an undiagnosed metal allergy that might cause the rejection because it prevents proper healing to leave you with discomfort and pain.

Dental implant surgical procedures are incredibly successful among 98 percent of recipients. In addition, people get to enjoy their implanted artificial teeth for a lifetime merely by maintaining appropriate oral hygiene. If you are interested in having dental implants for replacing your lost teeth, you must select an experienced dental professional to have your surgery and prepare you for the procedure ahead of time with all information needed about dental implant placement, surgery, discomfort, and recovery before confirming your candidature for the placement procedure.

If you haven’t received your dental implants yet, please consider scheduling an appointment with Rossland Landing Dental Center to get all information about getting the implants and managing your recovery comfortably.

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