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Which Type of Food Do You Have to Avoid After Having Dental Braces?

Which Type of Food Do You Have to Avoid After Having Dental Braces?

Which Type of Food Do You Have to Avoid After Having Dental Braces?

Are you scratching your head wondering what foods you can sink your teeth in a while wearing braces? Can you still enjoy pizza? What about some candy? Are you going to have a complete overhaul of your diet for the next two years? These are some common questions that will cross your mind while wearing braces.

Braces in Ajax, Ontario, are an excellent treatment that can solve a plethora of orthodontic issues ranging from crooked teeth to severe malocclusion. But after our dentist fixes the teeth braces, you will have to play your part to ensure you get the most out of the treatment. One thing that needs some adjustment is your diet.

But don’t panic! You will not live on bland and pureed foods throughout your treatment. The trick is to know the limits so that you can toy around with the options you have left for you to achieve the maximum results.

Why Certain Foods Need to be Avoided

Tooth decay and damaged archwires are common issues that arise because of the poor handling of braces. Your braces have bands, brackets, and archwires that can be damaged when you indulge in certain foods. Hard and sticky foods will damage the brackets, and can you might need to get them fixed.

Plus, you will need to care for your teeth since certain foods have a knack for hiding in those hard-to-reach areas. Gum disease and tooth decay can easily occur.

Without further ado, let’s check out your food choices.


Any healthy diet will not miss fruits. You need to consume fruits each day to stay healthy since they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Nevertheless, you will need to pick your fruits wisely because not every fruit will be appropriate while wearing braces.

For instance, hard fruits such as apples or pears are difficult to bite into since you have brackets covering your teeth. So, cut these fruits into small bite-sized pieces that can be chewed with your back teeth.

On the other hand, soft fruits are excellent when wearing braces. They are easily bitten into even if you are wearing braces. However, they can be challenging to eat when your teeth are tender, especially after a wire change. In any case, it can be best if you steer clear of hard fruits such as apples and pears and go for berries, watermelons, and any other soft fruits.


Vegetables are vital for our health since they contain minerals and vitamins that help nourish and protect our bodies from disease. Like fruits, you need to consume them every day. However, if you wear braces, you might need to prepare them a bit differently.

You need to steer clear of hard, raw vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli that are tough to bite into when you have clear braces. Use the same strategy you will use when eating hard fruits: cutting them into bite-sized pieces and chewing them using your back teeth.

Also, you can cook the vegetables, which will automatically soften them, and you can enjoy them without any restrictions.


Meat is a good source of protein and iron. However, meat is fibrous and can pose a challenge for braces wearers. Meat can easily get stuck in the teeth braces or between the teeth. Do not go for tough cuts that can be difficult to chew. Also, don’t go for meat that you will need to eat right from the bone, such as ribs, wings, chicken since it can damage your braces.


Grains are also good for your health. But you may need to avoid hard-crusted bread or unground whole grains since they can get stuck between your braces.


Dairy is very critical for bone and tooth development since they have calcium. Most dairy products are soft and so are good for you. However, cheese can get stuck between teeth, so eat bite-sized pieces of cheese.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are very hard and are quite tiny. These are challenging traits for people who wear braces. Biting nuts and seeds can break a bracket or band from your braces. They can also bend an archwire. So, if you crave nuts, go for spreads.

What About Candy?

People enjoy candy now and then. But while wearing braces, avoiding candy will be the safest option. Candy can be classified as hard and sticky, so this means that they can either bend or break them off.

If you have extra questions about caring for your braces in Ajax, Ontario, contact us at Rossland Landing Dental Care.

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